Historian of Renaissance Architecture + Visual Culture


For full CV and downloadable publications, see here.

“The Renaissance Superstructure”
in Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians (forthcoming).

“Gunpowder Grottoes: Seismology and the Subterranean Landscape in Renaissance Italy”
in The Three Natures: Gardens and Landscapes of the Italian Renaissance, ed. Anatole Tchikine, (University of Pennsylvania Press, forthcoming).

“‘Terremoti artificiali’. La sismologia aristotelica nella guerra sotterranea del Rinascimento”
in Material World: The Intersection of Art, Science, and Nature in Ancient Literature and its Renaissance Reception, ed. Guy Hedreen, (Brill, 2021), 133–62.

“‘An impression made on the ground, or dust, or even paste or snow’: Mediums of Architectural Drawing at the Dawn of Paper-Based Design”
in Building with Paper: Rethinking the Materiality of Renaissance Architectural Drawings, ed. Cara Rachele and Dario Donetti, (Brepols, 2021), 15–37.

“Illuminated Sculpture and Visionary Experience at the Cardinal of Portugal Chapel in Florence”
in The Art of Sculpture in Fifteenth-Century Italy, ed. Amy Bloch and Daniel Zolli, (Cambridge University Press, 2020), 239–58.

“Toward a Cultural Ecology of Architectural Glass in Early Modern Northern Europe”
in Art History 40 (2017), 496–525.

“New Light on Francesco De Marchi (1504–1576) and His Treatise on Fortification”
in Mitteilungen des Kunsthistorischen Institutes in Florenz 58 (2016), 403–10.

“Collage, Architectural Inscription, and the Aesthetics of Iconoclasm in Jacques Perret’s Des fortifications et artifices (1601)”
in Renaissance Collage, ed. Juliet Fleming, William H. Sherman and Adam Smyth, special issue of Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies 45 (2015), 573–94.

“Milton’s Maps”
in Word & Image 29 (2014), 428–42.

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